Kids Cartoon - TAYO - Hanas Day Out - English

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The young buses cheer when Cito and Hana tell them they\'ll be out of town for a day. The buses have always wanted to stay up, playing until late in the night. The night comes, but Cito and Hana are not there to make them go to bed. The buses stay up playing hide-and-seek, watching TV, and practicing driving. Gani goes over the repair shop, dizzy from too much driving practice. He\'s soon joined by Tayo and Rogi as they play hide-and-seek, as well as Lani, who is angry about not being able to watch TV because of those two. The repair shop becomes a mess and Gani\'s life is put in danger. The young buses don\'t know what to do. It\'s a relief when Hana and Cito appear suddenly to fix the problem. The young buses clean up the repair shop with Hana.

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