A Poem (Cry for Burmese Muslims) by Fatima Zainab - Toronto Protest for Rohingya Muslims - 25AUG2012 - English

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A statement of libral MP Jim karygiannis was read out by his associate at Queens Park 25AUG2012 Toronto Protest for the Genocide committed against the Rohingya's Muslims in Burma (Myanmar) by Rakhine Buddhist Extremist Elements and the racist security forces. protest was organized by The Rohingya Association of Canada. The Rohingya Association of Canada requests the Canadian Government to: 1. Take urgent action at the UN Security Council to address the humanitarian crisis in Burma in order to pressure the Burmese regime to stop all atrocities against the Rohingyas. 2. Call on the United Nations to: • Deploy an international panel of observers to monitor the volatile region. • Investigate human rights abuses and the murder of innocent Muslims in Burma. 3. Direct Canada's Department of External Affairs to urge the Bangladeshi government to: • Open Bangladesh borders to the Rohingyas fleeing sectarian violence and abuses by the Burmese security forces in Arakan State in western Myanmar. • Immediately lift restrictions on international organizations providing aid to more than 200,000 Rohingyas in Bangladesh. The Rohingya Association of Canada demands the following from the Burmese Government: 1. Independent international commission of inquiry must be allowed to probe current Arakan crisis and bring the perpetrators to justice. 2. Allow international relief organizations to provide open access to the region and distribute urgently needed humanitarian aid to the victims. 3. Provide security for the Rohingya who are at the mercy of Rakhine extremist elements and the racist security forces. 4. Allow fair and balanced coverage of the situation by the mainstream media. 5. Repeal the unjust 1982 Citizenship Law that aimed to cleanse Rohingya from Arakan and Burma, and restore their full rights as Burmese citizens as it was before 1962 6. Government & International Organization should help rebuild the houses, businesses and places of worship of the Rohingyas. 7. Rohingyas should be allowed back to the land they owned in order to prevent illegal settlers from occupying and taking it away. for more info contact EMAIL: [email protected]

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