[01 Jan 2014] Washington irate by Kabul-s decision to release more prisoners - English

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01   Jan   2014   Washington   irate   by   Kabul   decision   to   release   more   prisoners   PTV   Presstv   English   More   tension   in   US   Afghanistan   ties   Washington   wants   Kabul   to   halt   the   release   of   prisoners   from   a   jail  

More tension in US-Afghanistan ties. Washington wants Kabul to halt the release of prisoners from a jail that was handed over to Afghan officials recently. The Bagram prison north of Kabul has been holding hundreds of prisoners for years. They were detained while the facility was under the American control. But the US ceded its control to the Afghans after several years of delay. Now, the Afghan government wants to free 88 prisoners there. It follows the release of at least 600 and fifty inmates. Kabul says it\\\'s found insufficient evidence to continue their detention. But Washington is angry about this, saying the prisoners pose a serious security threat. The row comes at a time when relations between the two sides are at a new low. Ties have grown strained particularly over President Hamid Karzai\\\'s refusal to sign a security deal to keep US troops in Afghanistan after 2014.

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