HOW HAMAS TREATED THE iSRAELI CAPTIVES | Short Video Documentary | English

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In Islam, there are rules of engagement, even in war. Islam defines the principles of battlefield. The freedom fighters of Hamas followed the commands of Islam on how to treat the prisoners of war. Today, the whole world saw how well Hamas treated the captured israeli illegal settlers. Even after the release of these israeli captives in a prisoners\' exchange deal, these captives gave public testimonies to certify Hamas\' good treatment of them - especially the elderly, the women, and the children. Salutes to Hamas\' high moral standards. From the river to the sea Palestine will be free The whole world has witnessed the cruel and savage massacre of innocent Palestinian civilians by the Zionist regime. And the whole world has also witnessed the absolutely fake news as regards to the Hamas freedom movement and its supposed human rights violations. Therefore, in this short video documentary, the world can witness firsthand the reality on the ground, as to \"How Hamas Treated The israeli Captives\". #LongLivePalestine #LongLiveResistance #DeathToisrael

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