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Pingu walks past a shop with a large cake on display, sees it is a bakery and decides to have a look. He looks in the keyhole in surprise, and sees the baker mixing something in a bowl. There\\\'s a good smell in the shop. The baker goes to the oven, slides out some bread he\\\'s baking, and then returns it to cook some more. He sees Pingu and greets him. A table full of delicious looking cakes and other similar goodies then amazes Pingu. The baker shows Pingu how to make the baking mixture; while he\\\'s getting the yeast to put in Pingu can\\\'t resist sneaking a taste. The baker shows Pingu what to do with the yeast, and then takes the bread he\\\'s baked out of the oven. He presents Pingu with a baker\\\'s hat. Pingu is very excited, thanks the baker and rushes off home to do some baking himself. He gets all the ingredients out, and finds a bowl to mix them in. Pinga comes out of the bedroom, comes over and asks Pingu what he\\\'s doing. Pingu explains, settles down to do the mixing and then realises he needs a whisk to stir the mixture with. He asks Pinga to get it for him, which she does. Pingu starts to mix in the ingredients, but can\\\'t get much out of the first packet and throws it away in disgust. The packet hits the wall and the contents splatter. Pingu compensates by putting all the contents of the other packets he\\\'s got into the mixture, and stirs vigorously, spilling quite a lot of the mixture in the process. He then goes to add the yeast, can\\\'t remember how much, and ends up adding nearly all of it. The mixture gets another good stir, and he tries it. It\\\'s rather good! Pinga wants a taste as well, so he lets her have a lick off the whisk. Pingu puts the whisk in the mixture. It moves around, preventing Pingu from grabbing it, and then disappears under the surface. Pingu is annoyed and shouts at the bowl; the whisk shoots out and Pingu catches it. Pingu gets a pan, tips in the mixture, and puts the pan in the oven. He then notices the mess he\\\'s made and, with Pinga\\\'s help, clears up. They\\\'re then both a bit alarmed when the stove starts rattling, and the stove door bulges out, and take refuge in the toy box. Mother and Father arrive home on the motorised sled, and are puzzled by what the stove is doing when they walk in. Suddenly the stove door bangs open and the baked bread is thrown out. They all go over to inspect it, and rather enjoy the aroma being given off.

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