[05 June 13] Civilian casualties on rise in Afghanistan - English

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More violence in Afghanistan. A roadside bomb blast has claimed the lives of several people in Afghanistan\'s western province of Farah. Also on Monday, nearly two dozen civilians including women and children died in separate explosions in eastern provinces of Laghman and Paktia. The afghan president Hamid Karzai has strongly condemned the incidents. In a statement Karzai said such attacks were carried out by Quote \"the enemies of the people of Afghanistan\". Taliban militants usually take the blame for the attacks in the war-torn country. Also foreign troops as well as their military operations and airstrikes are held responsible for the rising civilian casualties in the country. According to a UN report released in February, more than 2,750 people were killed and over 4,800 injured in conflict-related violence in Afghanistan in 2012 alone. Amin Alemi, Press TV, Kabul

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