MP3 Boom Box Free Source Tutorial Package ActionScript 3.0 - English

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Source Files - * Great Features - with draggable playhead scrubber with Adam's ghost knob * Click anywhere in the playhead bar to jump to that part of the song * Plays an unlimited MP3s that you organize into a folder called mp3_files * Sound driven speakers and graphic equalizer showing right/left channels * Auto ID3 title/artist rendering set into an animated scrolling movieclip * Panning sound slider for panning left to right speakers * No external scripts to manage, all dynamic referencing is done in the Flash file * Volume slider that controls the visual amplitude level * Track duration time and playhead time * Easy to customize for any look and size, add/remove features * Built into a movieclip to easily place into applications or sites * Code comments section off the logic so you can pinpoint code * Use on a web site or locally on your machine, or both Note: Add longer bufferTime if worried about dial up users. And give message.

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