[02] Safeere Ishq (Kerbala or Imam Hussain a.s.) - Drama Serial - Urdu

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Safeer e Ishq is a 12 Episode Drama Sequel produced by Sahar Urdu Tv Tehran,Iran 2010. This is a story of a man Ahmad, curious about some issues which are not letting him feel to be an Insaan e Kaamil (a complete man) who travels from abroad to Qom,Iran which is considered to b a place named Hoza e Elmia (the center of knowledge and wisdom) to meet his childhood friend Ali, who helps him out solve his mysteries through The Karbala,and Imam Hussain a.s. , and reaches to the answers. Hope you would like the show !!!

Added by SaharTV on 07-11-2010
Runtime: 22m 46s
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