Allahu - Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi - Naat - Arabic - Urdu

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This poem is in honor of the Prophet Mohammad - Peace Be Upon Him and His Dear Ones. ENGLISH TRANSLATION - The Prophet Mohammad is the most honest righteous pious kind sincere and is the perfect creation of Allah. The morning light is by your countenance And the splendour of the night by your plaits. Allah hu... The master is a treasure of grace The master is a treasure of mercy. He is the guide of the whole community And the one who shows the way of the Sacred Law. Allah hu... They came upon the gesture of a finger Stones from the Hijaz began to speak.And the moon was split in two By a single gesture of the finger. Allah hu... On the night of the Ascension The Archangel Gabriel came with tidings of God. Allah called him to the heavens And bestowed upon him the honor of nearness. Allah hu... End Translation. Courtesy shoorooz.

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