Fatima Zahra (A)'s Selflessness | Sayyid Asad Jafri | English

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In these dire times when the world is witnessing the brutal and cruel genocide of the Palestinian people, we all need to learn some lessons from lady Fatima Zahra (A). So what can we all do in these dire times in order to emulate our role model, lady Fatima Zahra (A)? In this Scholar Clip, the late Sayyid Asad Jafri speaks about lady \"Fatima Zahra (A)\'s Selflessness\". May Allah resurrect Sayyid Asad Jafri with the Ahlul Bayt (A), the holy beings he spent his life serving. Our condolences to the believers, wherever you are, on the martyrdom anniversary of her eminence, lady Fatima Zahra (A). #IslamicPulse #ScholarClips #Allah #Quran #Muhammad #Ali #Fatima #Zahra #LadyOfLight #Martyr #Martyrdom #Fatimiyya #FatimaZahra #IslamicAwareness #LadyFatima #Palestine #SaveGaza

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