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Welcome to the Islamic Pulse TalkShow. In this episode we\'re talking about \"Imam Khomeini\'s School of Spiritual Development\". So what is a good description of \"Imam Khomeini\'s School of Spiritual Development\"? Was Imam Khomeini the first link in the chain of spiritual wayfaring that was taught by Islam? And is the concept of spiritual development limited to Islam or do other religions also have the concept of spiritual development and progress? And is it possible to live a social life along with a spiritual life? How did Imam Khomeini prove that one can have a social life, a spiritual life, and a politically active life; all at the same time? And despite the misconception that one cannot bring together a social life and a spiritual life in harmony, what does Islam teach us about this matter? Is it possible to detach ones self from the materialistic world, while being in the materialistic world? Did the Messenger of Allah (S) emphasize and promote a life of seclusion and isolation? Is spiritual development and progress something that is in Islam limited to a small number of people or is it for the general masses? And how did Imam Khomeini manifest the above mentioned teaching of Islam? How can we get rid of the anxiety, stress, and depression that some of us might face on a daily basis in our lives? And finally, what does the Sacred Defense show us when it comes to \"Imam Khomeini\'s School of Spiritual Development\"? To answer these questions and more, we humbly invited Sayyid Muhammad Hashemi from the Islamic Republic of Iran, to sit down with us and speak a little bit about \"Imam Khomeini\'s School of Spiritual Development\". #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Allah #Muslims #Shia #Islam #Quran #Politics #Secularism #Resistance #Taghut #Falsehood #Truth #Justice #ImamKhamenei #Imam #ImamKhomeini #Khomeini #Spirituality #Spirit #Ruhollah #Wilayate #AhlulBayt #Imamate #Wilayah #WilayatAlFaqih #Khamenei #JihadeTabyiin #AwaitedOne #Mahdi #Media #SoftWar #IslamicRepublic #Revolution #Resistance #IslamicRevolution #IslamicAwareness

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