Revolutionary Anger | Shaheed Dr. Beheshti | Farsi Sub English

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Shaheed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti was a Muslim Iranian jurist, philosopher, Islamic scholar, politician, and most honorable of all, a martyr. Shaheed Beheshti served as the Secretary General of the Islamic Republic Party, and was the head of the Islamic Republic\'s judicial system. He further served as Chairman of the Council of the Islamic Revolution, and the Assembly of Experts. Shaheed Beheshti also earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and was fluent in Persian, English, German, and Arabic. The esteemed Shaheed was assassinated and attained martyrdom on the 28th of June 1981, in the Hafte Tir bombing perpetrated by the west-subservient MEK terrorists, along with more than 70 members of the Islamic Republic Party, including 4 cabinet ministers and 23 members of parliament. The founding father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Ruhollah Khomeini, referred to Shaheed Beheshti as a person who was \"as a nation for us.\" In this clip, the esteemed Shaheed Beheshti talks about two kinds of anger: a good anger and a bad anger. Take a listen and learn a thing or two from this esteemed Shaheed. It might not be so bad if you\'re the right kind of angry.

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