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Let's Get To Know Imam Naqi (A) | Salaam, I'm Kulsoom! | English

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Salaam, I\'m Kulsoom! Would you like to know a little bit about Imam Naqi (A)? Well, \"Let\'s Get To Know Imam Naqi (A)\" together! It\'s going to be really exciting, I promise! So, in this episode, we\'re going to answer 9 questions about Imam Naqi (A). So get ready! And we hope to see you soon in the holy city of Qom, wherever you are! Our congratulations on the birth anniversary of Imam Naqi (A). \"Salaam, I\'m Kulsoom\" is a series which deals with basic information about Islam, focusing primarily on revered Shia personalities and catering specifically to our younger generations, wherever you are. #IslamicPulse #IPKids #Allah #Islam #AhlulBayt #ShiaKids #ShiaQuiz #Muslim #10thImam #AliIbnMuhammad #ImamAliNaqi #ImamNaqi #ImamHadi #Samarra #Medina

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