[20 July 2012] Spirituality of Ramadan in the modern life - English

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[20 July 2012] Spirituality of Ramadan in the modern life - English Muslim life style changes during the month of Ramadan. They refrain from eating, drinking and other pleasures, every day, from dawn to dusk. They instead try to nourish their souls by praying, reading the Quran and by doing charitable acts. Muslims around the world celebrate this month in many different ways, according to their local customs and cultures. This cultural diversity, while maintaining piety as the essence of Ramadan, is beautiful in itself. In Europe and other western countries, thanks to Muslim presence, Ramadan and its traditions have become more visible. Ramadan is also a good opportunity for non-Muslims to learn about Islam, the Quran and about this important pillar of Islam, especially when they are disillusioned by the materialistic, consumerist modern life styles. This week's Islam and Life asks: What can be learned from the spirituality of Ramadan in the modern life?

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