Holy Quran - Surah al Fil, Surah No 105 - Arabic sub English sub Urdu

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This is a ‘meccan’ surah. This surah refers to an incident in the history of Makka, as an example of how ALLAH (swt) deals with those who oppose HIS will. About fifty days before the birth of the Holy Prophet, Abraha, the Abyssinia\'s viceroy of Yemen, Christian by religion, proceeded against Makka, as the head of a large army, with the object of destroying the Kaabah, because he wanted that there should be no place or structure more glorious than the church he was building at Sana. He had with him elephants. Therefore he and his army is known as ashab al fil, those who brought elephants. At the outskirts of Makka he captured a large number of camels belonging to the chief of Makka, Abd al Muttalib, the grandfather of the Holy Prophet. After receiving the information that Abraha was coming to destroy the holy Ka-bah, Abd al Muttalib went to see him and said: \"I have come to collect my camels. The Ka-bah belongs to God. He will surely protect it from your evil design.\" Abraha gave the captured camels to Abd al Muttalib He returned to the city and asked the people to retire to the neighbouring hills, leaving the Lord of Ka-bah to protect it. When Abraha entered Makka, suddenly a large flock of birds, like swallows, came flying from the sea-coast and pelted the invading army with pebbles of baked clay. They all died. They were like a dead and useless field from which all the produce is eaten up and only straw with stubble is left. Abraha escaped and went directly to the king in Abyssinia. All the way a bird with a stone in her beak followed him. When the king asked Abraha as to what kind of birds they were, Abraha looked to the sky and the bird at once dropped stone in her beak and killed him on the spot.The lesson to be drawn is twofold. The pagans of Makka were forewarned that as the Holy Prophet was superior to the Kaabah, ALLAH, who protects whatever is HIS own, shall protect him from all their evil schemes. It is also a warning to men in all ages that \"if a man intoxicated with power comes out to defeat ALLAH\'s holy plan, he cannot prevail against ALLAH (swt), but his plan will fail and destroy him as well.“ It is narrated from Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (as) that whoever recites this surah in his faraa’idh prayers, the mountains will bear witness on the Day of Judgement that he prayed and he will be taken to Jannah on the command of ALLAH (swt). The person who recites this surah is kept safe from his enemies and has his difficulties and problems solved quickly. Recitation of this surah is also helpful in remaining safe from evil tyrant rulers.

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