Islamic Scholars Must Be in the Arena of Jihad | Leader of the Muslim Ummah | Farsi Sub English

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What spirit is vital in the young seminary students in the present-day? And does becoming a religious scholar require one to withdraw one’s self from the field of Jihad? Did Imam Khomeini – who was a Marja’ Taqleed – withdraw himself from the field of Jihad because of his level of knowledge? And is Jihad optional or is it a duty? Furthermore, is Jihad only one dimensional or are there many other forms of Jihad? And finally, what is the first and foremost responsibility of the religious scholars in the present-day? The Leader of the Muslim Ummah, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, debunks the myth that an Islamic scholar mustn\'t enter into the field of Jihad.

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