The Hardest Battle | When He Calls | pt.7/8 | English

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Episode 7 of the ground-breaking new film following the journey of five students as they make their way to the Holy land of Karbala. This episode depicts the ultimate sacrifice that took place in the plains of Karbala. The tyrannical Yazid had amassed an army of over 10,000 soldiers with one intention: to destroy the essence of Islam. Imam Husayn took a small party of Godly men, as well as his own family: a group consisting of women and children as young as his six-month old baby son. While the armies of Yazid blocked off the camp of Imam Husayn from having any access to the river Euphrates, Imam Husayn himself gave up his own water supplies to quench the thirst of one of the battalions of Yazid, which was led by Hurr. After seeing the pure-hearted intentions and the merciful personality of Imam Husayn, Hurr changed sides and joined the heroic ranks of Husayn, despite knowing that he would be slain amongst them. But knowing that he was on the right path was more valuable to Hurr than the worldly riches Yazid had offered him. Al-Abbas, the brother of Imam Husayn and the flag-bearer of the righteous, rode against the armies of Yazid, in an attempt to get water from the Euphrates. When he filled his water-carrier, the armies attacked from all sides. First, they cut one of his arms and then they cut the other arm from his body. Thus, Al-Abbas was tragically martyred. The events of Karbala make you wonder: how could people become so cruel the they would prevent a man from taking water to children dying of thirst? The tragedy of Karbala epitomised the struggle between good and evil which has existed before time. Both armies claim to be Muslims. On the one hand, you see masses of pawns united for the sake of wealth, worldly rewards and fear of losing their mundane comforts. And on the other side, you see 72 men who with courage stand up, ready to sacrifice everything they have for the sake of justice and truth. Imam Husayn’s sacrifice is the greatest sacrifice made in history. It defines humanity, friendship, love and freedom and the true message of the Holy Prophet [s] What is it about the ancient city of Karbala that captivates Muslims? What makes approximately 30 million people travel there each year? The ziarat [pilgrimage] to Karbala is considered a sacred journey for Muslims across the world, especially the followers of Ahlulbayt (as). Every week, Islamic Pulse will be releasing two episodes of ‘When He Calls’ by the will of God, so stay tuned!

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