[Clip] Do you have problems, Don’t come to Arbaeen | Agha Alireza Panahian 2019 Farsi Sub English

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Do you have problems Don’t come to Arbaeen! Agha AliReza Panahian We should pay attention to what God is expecting in these calm and quiet tests. Some of the tests are with a great commotion, and they clarify our duty. Some of the tests are very quiet. A person may be deceived and suddenly lose opportunities. In many cases, the tests for reaching to the highest degrees of closeness to God, are very delicate and quiet. The people of Kufa said, “What should we do now? What will happen? We can’t leave Imam Husayn (‘a) alone. We invited him ourselves. Let’s wait until he comes.” Then they realized that Imam Husayn (‘a) won’t come. Hurr and his troops had stopped them. And Ubaydullah was preparing an army. They were thinking about what to do. People like Sulayman bin Surad were thinking. Then suddenly what happened? They brought the pure heads into the city. They blamed themselves, “We didn’t know such a tragedy would come about!” Thousands of people formed the Tawwabin (repenters) uprising. All of them knew that they were going to be killed, and they were killed. There was no use for what they did in history, and they didn’t gain the advantage of being in Karbala or Ashura either. What? You expected Imam Husayn (‘a) to pass through Hurr’s blockade himself, come into the city of Kufa, nock on your doors one by one, and say, “Come help me. They want to cut my head off. If you don’t come, this and that will happen.” What explanation did you expect from Imam Husayn (‘a) for you to come? Believe me, Arbaeen is one of the quiet tests. Some of the tests are very quiet. A person may be deceived and suddenly lose opportunities. Believe me, Arbaeen is one of the quiet tests. Arbaeen seems noisy, but it’s also quiet, because one might think, “Is it obligatory for me to struggle for Arbaeen?” I don’t know. What should I say? During these analyses, some lose this great opportunity. During these analyses, some lost the opportunity of helping Husayn (‘a). But, there was one person sitting in Imam Husayn’s (\\\'a) meeting on the night before Ashura. People informed him, “The cursed Ubaydullah has arrested your son.” Being arrested at that time meant being executed. They had to rescue him somehow. Imam Husayn (‘a) looked at the father and said, “Go save your son. I don’t want you to be here when you have this problem.” The Imam gave him some money and supplies and said, “Use these to gain your son\\\'s freedom.” If you have problems, don’t come to Arbaeen. If you were in Imam Husayn’s (\\\'a) tent on the night of Ashura, he would have said, “Go fix your problems.” Even if you were there on the night of Ashura! What did that father do? He looked at AliAkbar, the Imam’s son, and at the Imam (‘a). He said, “Your young son is going to be martyred here tomorrow. Now I should go after my own son? May my son be sacrificed for your son!” He started pleading, “Don’t drive me out of your tent because of this. I don’t want to go after my problems. I want to be for you!” He pleaded so much that the Imam (‘a) said, “Fine, stay.” The tests are not always noisy or clear in clarifying our duties! Some opportunities come and go quickly like lightning. Some opportunities don’t shake you and say, “Wake up. Get up. Move!” They don’t seize you by the collar. A person asks, “I have some jobs to do. There is Arbaeen too. I don’t know if I should leave my work, or not.” I say, “I don’t know. What should I say?!” I tell them I don’t know. If it was Imam Husayn (‘a), he would say, “Go, for sure. Go do your work my dear.” How much did you want to spend for Arbaeen? And you say you’re waiting for your Imam (‘a.j.) to reappear for you to rescue the world with him?! You didn’t spend that much for the dignity of Aba Abdillah al-Husayn’s (‘s) gathering in Karbala in the Arbaeen meeting place. You are waiting for the Imam (‘a.j.) to come for you to give your life? We consider Arbaeen to be a quiet test.

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