Chakwal Imambargah Pakistan Bomb Blast - Suicide bombing 22 Martyred - April 5 2009 - Urdu

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Support Chakwal Imambargah Pakistan - Suicide bombing 22 Martyred - Urdu Apil 5 2009 CHAKWAL The latest information confirmed 22 dead and 200 injured in the Imambagah suicide bombing here. According to initial information the suicide bomber blew himself up during an annual Majlis Aza being held at the Sarpak Mohalla Imambargah in the vicinity of City police station here. Some 2000 to 2500 faithful were attending the Majlis when the blast occurred tearing away the bodies of the faithful into pieces. Relief operations have started while the dead and the injured are being shifted to the District Headquarter Hospital. Ambulances have been sent from Jhelum and Rawalpindi. Police high officials and the DCO have arrived at the site of incident and supervising the relief work. Heavy contingents of police have besieged the area and collecting evidences from the site of incident. Police mobiles including several vehicles were also damaged in the blast. Meanwhile some sources told that the blast was carried by detonating a bomb planted on the parked motorcycle near Imambargah.

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