Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah - Message to his Men - Arabic sub English

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To the freedom fighters I say - I received your letter and heard your words. I swear to God - you are like you said. Yes - you are the true promise and you are the imminent victory - God willing. You are the freedom of the prisoners - the liberation of the land - the defenders of the homeland - honor and dignity. Brothers - you are the authenticity of the history of this nation and you are the salvation of its soul. You are its civilization - culture - value - love and gratitude. You are the slogan of its heroism. You are the immortality of the cedars in our summits - the humbleness of our wheat spikelets in our valleys. You are the self-esteemed people like the high mountains of Lebanon that empowers the powerful and overcomes the haughty. After God - you are the hope and bet. You have been and will remain the hope and bet. I kiss your heads that made all heads high. I kiss your hands that get the grip on the firelock - shooting with the help of God at the killers of his prophets and slaves - shooting those spreading mischief on the land. I kiss your feet that are sinking in the earth without trembling or swaying from their positions even if the mountains had to sway. Brothers -you- who lent their brains to God and watched the far lines of the enemy - my reply to you is my thanks to you because you accepted me as one of you - a brother of yours. This is because you are the leaders - you are the lords - and you are the crown on the head and the pride of this nation. You are the men of God through whom we will triumph.

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