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We often criticise other religions for being polytheistic, but it is vital that we recognise that there are many polytheistic traits in some belief systems within the folds of the Muslims. Islam itself, being the perfect religion, has no polytheism whatsoever. It’s very clear: there is only one God, one direction and one purpose. But people end up attributing limitations to Allah without realising it. This episode is all about the most fundamental principle of Islam: the Oneness of God. Here in the Islamic Seminary of Qom, we learn that one of the main reasons why people run away from faith is the incorrect behaviour or beliefs of those who call themselves religious. Sometimes, despite how perfect the religion might be, the followers of the religion end up becoming a barrier between the common people and their relationship with God. Have a topic in mind? Then drop us a message at fb.com/IslamicPulse to request your very own episode of Biskit and our team will try and get you your very own Biskit.

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