[07] The Journey of Husain (as) | Sheikh Amin Rastani - English

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[07] The Journey of Husain (as) | His will to his brother Muhammad bin Hanafiyyah | Sheikh Amin Rastani A 21 episode series by Sheikh Amin Rastani in which he goes over the saying of our beloved Imam Al-Husain (as) during his journey to Karbala... This series will give you the historical context of the uprising of Imam Al-Husain (as), the political climate at the time, and the situation of the Muslim Ummah while Imam (as) confronts Yazeed. An \\\'Islamic Pulse\\\' production. All rights reserved. Duration = 6:41 Subscribe to our profiles for the next episodes. Shiatv.net/user/IslamicPulse Fb.com/IslamicPulse Telegram.me/IslamicPulse

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