Surah Fateha, Verse No 2 | The Signs of Allah | English

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In this episode of our journey through \\\"The Signs of Allah\\\", Shaykh Muhammad Husayn speaks about Chapter No. 1 of the holy Qur\\\'an, Surah Fateha, and the 2nd verse within it. What does our \\\"Fitrah\\\", our divinely created innate nature do when we are endowed with a favor or a blessing? And what things should we thank Allah for? What does the word al-Hamd mean? And should we thank Allah in our times of difficulty? Finally, what does the term Rabb al-A\\\'lameen mean? It only takes a few minutes to witness \\\"The Signs of Allah\\\", but it could very well change your lives for the better, for-ever. #Allah #TheSignsofAllah #IslamicPulse #Quran #Tafsir #Islam #TheWord #Fateha #AhlulBayt

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