Juz 30 of 30 | Journeying our eyes through the Qur\'an | English

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The 30th juz has 34 meccan surahs and 3 madani surahs. We will focus on the themes of heaven and hell for the last episode of our podcast series. We pray we arrive in jannah a place of God’s mercy, proximity and closeness and not in hell which is distant from Allah and absent of Allah’s mercy. The hereafter is the fruits of the seeds which we planted in this world. In Surah an Naziat, Allah swt reminds us that this is the day in which human beings will see or be called to remember what it is that they have strived for. Heaven and Hell are the outcomes of what we have done in this world. It’s important to note that the pleasures of paradise and displeasures of hell are not similar to the ones we experience in this lower life. To enter paradise there is no easy answer but the simple thing to focus on is giving a preference to the next world over this one. Learn more: http://lnk.worldfed.org/30Juz​​​​​​ _________________________________________________________________________________________

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