Millions celebrate the birthday of Imam Mahdi in Iran - July 16, 2011 - English

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Amir Mehdi Kazemi, Press TV, Tehran These are familiar scenes nowadays in Iran as millions celebrate the birthday of Imam Mahdi the twelfth and the last Imam of Shiite Muslims. Every year streets and villages across Iran are illuminated on the fifteenth of the month of Sha'aban in the lunar calendar. Additionally special ceremonies are held in Iran's most religious cities Mashad, and Qom. Based on Shiite faith the twelfth Imam lives among his people but remains unknown until the day he reappears as a savior of mankind, filling the world with his blessings. According to the belief of Shiites and some Sunnis Imam Mahdi is hidden by God and will unite all Muslims at the time of his reappearance. They say that upon his arrival he will be accompanied by a number of holy men including Jesus Christ… During the night of the occasion the believers gather outside their homes. They fill the streets celebrating the event while seeking forgiveness and repenting to God, praying that their hidden Imam will rid the world of error, injustice and tyranny. The 15th of Sha'ban is also marked in other countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

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