[08 Jan 2014] The Debate - Unheeded Complaints - English

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08   Jan   2014   The   Debate   Unheeded   Complaints   PTV   Presstv   English   Beirut   has   filed   a   complaint   to   the   United   Nations   against   Israel   over   its   spying   on   Lebanon   If   Israel   spying   along   with   its   violation  

Beirut has filed a complaint to the United Nations against Israel over its spying on Lebanon. If Israel\'s spying, along with its violation of Lebanese airspace, \"constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and continuous aggression on Lebanese lands, Lebanese people, the military, security, and civilian institutions, then why hasn\'t the UN done anything about it? That\'s one of the questions we\'ll be asking in this edition of the debate. We\'ll also discuss the row over gas between Israel and Lebanon, and see what the chances are of a clash between Israel and Hezbollah. Guests: - Historian & Political Adviser, Geoffrey Alderman, (LONDON). - Prof., Notre Dame University, George Labaki (BEIRUT). Subjects: 1) Lebanon\'s caretaker Fm has not only filed a complaint to the UN: He has sent similar letters to foreign ministers of nations belonging to the 15-member Security Council, as well as to the Arab League, European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and Chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement Iranian President Hassan Rouhani: Will any action be taken against Israel that will change Israel\'s behavior? - \"Israel\'s continuous aggression constitutes a violation of international law and relevant international resolutions, particularly Resolution 1701 2) On Israel\'s illegal spying activities: the Dangers of the Israeli Telecomm Towers in Lebanese Territory, along with the Telecommunications Ministry announcement that Israel had installed surveillance posts along the border with Lebanon capable of monitoring the entire country: Why such interest in spying on such a vast scale over Lebanon? 3) REAX: \"Israel\'s next war must start in Lebanon\": Headline a few days of the Jewish Press: The next confrontation must start with heavy bombing attacks that would minimize later damage to Israeli cities like Kiryat Shmona, Tzfat, Nahariya and Tveria. - Israel air attacks inside Syria took place 5 times in 2013: Israel said to stop transfer of weapons to Hezbollah: Yet, other reports indicate most of the long-range surface to surface missiles has reached Hezbolah: Why has Israel not attacked Lebanon, or Hezbollah strongholds? - Syria spillover increasing chances of Israel attacking Lebanon: Two rockets fired from Lebanon landed close to the northern Israel: Israel responded to the attack immediately by shelling the area from which the attack originated. Possibility: that a Jihad group launched the attack in order to get Israel to attack Hezbollah and to force Hezbollah to divert some of its troops from Syria back to Lebanon. 4) The United States and Hezbollah are in secret talks to deal with the fight against al-Qaida, regional stability, and Lebanese political issues? - Talks, brokered by the UK, \"are aimed at keeping tabs on the changes in the region and the world, and prepare for the upcoming return of Iran to the international community 5) The Eastern Mediterranean\'s Oil And Gas: Israel and Lebanon have been at odds over their maritime borders for decades, and recent discoveries in what\'s called the Levant Basin could create more conflict? 6) Israel has found comfort in one of its enemies: Saudi Arabia (who has just given 3 billion in military aid to Lebanon): how do u view this alliance vis-à-vis Lebanon? 7) Terrorist attacks inside Lebanon have been on the rise recently, one twin bombings claiming the life of an Iranian diplomat: Do you agree with the Iranian ambassador to Beirut says all recent terrorist attacks in Lebanon were carried out to serve the interests of the Israeli regime?

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