Salmon who fast too - Animal Instincts episode - English

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Visit our website for more episodes! to make your ramadhan a productive Ramadhan. SUBHANALLAH.. Animals fast too!! Check out our new series.. Animal Instincts Salmon: Salmon fasting over a long period induces a feeling of sensitivity in them so that they are able to recognise the proper location. Each fish swims upstream in the river in which it was hatched to reproduce in the same place from which it originated. When they are guided to the right place, the salmon start to dig holes for eggs. The females lay eggs, and the males cover them with their sperm to fertilize them. The females are then motivated by instinct to cover the eggs with an appropriate layer of soil from the riverbed. They stay behind the eggs until they incubate and the young red salmon come out of their holes and shake off their dust. Both parents cast a final look on the young and realize that they have successfully concluded their mission. Then they pass away in a state of fasting in the same location, leaving behind a new generation of the young. When those young grow up and become sexually mature, they will start their fasting and then pass away in a state of fasting in their own and their ancestors' birthplace. Eltemas Dua :) R4U Team For more information visit

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