Speech by Moulana Jan Ali Shah Kazmi - Toronto Protest & Azadari at Pakistan consulate General - Urdu

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Oct. 07, 2017 100s of Shia Muslims and people from other communities gathered at Pakistan Consulate General for Azadari and Protest against Shia Muslim kidnapping, genocide and to recover missing shia Muslims in Pakistan. kidnapping & genocide in Pakistan continues unabated. Staying silent is not an option for the God concious people, they came out for the Shuhada of Jhal Magsi, Quetta, Missing shia persons and against the shameful collusion between banned extremist organizations and the government of Pakistan. The Protest & Azadari events are being held in Pakistan and around the world in-front of Pakistan consulates and embassies. Protesters and speakers demanded from current Pakistani regime to stop kidnapping, attack on our brothers and sisters and immidiately recover the missing Shia Muslims in Pakistann or, we will hold Protest and Majalis in front of embassies and consulates around the world InshaAllah, the Protest & Azadari of Imam Hussain(as) started by Syeda Zayneb (as) will not stop under any circumstances.

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