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Who was Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr? In this episode of Unsung Heroes, Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen speaks about \"Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr\". Yet, who was Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, how did he live his life, and what is his biographical background? Who were the blood parents of Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr? What does Imam Ali (A) say about Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr? How old was Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr when his blood father died? In whose home and under whose instruction, care and guidance did Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr grow up? Did Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr participate in the battle of Jamal; and if so, what position did he have and whose side did he join? What post did Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr have in the battle of Siffin and whose side did he join? How did Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr attain the lofty status of martyrdom? Finally what did Imam Ali (A) say when he heard about the news of Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr\'s martyrdom at the hands of the enemies of Allah? Find out this and more in this episode about one of the most courageous, devout, and faithful companions Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (A), \"Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr\", as Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen goes through some of the beautiful, honorable, and yet largely overlooked \"Unsung Heroes\" of Islam. #IslamicPulse #UnsungHeroes #Islam #Allah #Quran #AhulBayt #Muslim #Martyrdom #Shahadat #History #Martyr #Shaheed #Honor #Valor #Sacrifice #Chivalry #Courage #Muhammad #AbiBakr #MuhammadIbnAbiBakr #ImamAli

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