The End of the Zionist Regime | BACKFIRE | English

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The armies of the Islamic Resistance are ready and eager to confront the enemies of Imam Mahdi (A). A great battle lies ahead of us… The question is: are you ready? Shaykh Muzaffer Abbas Hyder gives a brilliant overview of the recent events in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem Al-Quds and reminds us of why the noble cause of Palestine is so incredibly significant. Despite all the oppression that the world faces today, we must recognize that we are at a tremendous turning point in human history. Victory lies ahead for the believers and for all those who belong to the Camp of the Oppressed. Palestine will be free INSHALLAH sooner than you think and a global revolution is in the making. Now is the time to free yourselves completely from the shackles of the Taghut and rise up. #BACKFIRE #Palestine #FreePalestine #SheikhJarrah #israel #DeathToisrael #DeathToZionism #israHell #FlyTheFlag #KhameneiTheGreat #Khamenei

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