The Nag Factor & Gambling | Reaction Time | English

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What is \\\'The Nag Factor\\\' and how is it used in marketing? And how does it teach children to disrespect their parents? How are people conditioned to behave or think in a certain way, without them even knowing it? Is this subject of the harms of movies and cartoons simply about one movie or cartoon, or is there much more at stake? And what is the real meaning of \\\'brand loyalty\\\'? Well, Shaykh Ali Hemani and Sayyid Shahryar are reacting to videos that talk about how media has a serious influence on people and how the intended influence is not at all random. Get ready, because it\\\'s Reaction Time! And remember to please protect your children before it\\\'s too late. #IslamicPulse #ReactionTime #Islam #Allah #Shia #Ahlulbayt #Ethics #Morality #Movies #MovieNight #FilmIndustry #Hollywood #SubliminalMessage #Resistance #MassMedia #Truth #Justice #IslamicResistance #Media #SocialMedia #SoftWar #IslamicAwareness

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