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paper: printer paper size: A4 How To Make a Paper Balloon (Water Bomb) - Origami In this video, I explain how to make a Paper Balloon, also known as the Water Bomb. All that is required is a piece of printer paper (any size should work). Scissors are optional, but make things a little easier if the paper is not already square. WATER BOMB - To make this a water bomb: COLOR the OUTSIDE of the water bomb near the bottom (opposite the blowing hole) once you finish with a crayon or other type of wax material. Open up the small hole with a pencil to make it wider. Then, create a slow, fine stream of water at the sink. Try not to get the outside of the balloon wet when filling. Do NOT fill the balloon too much, or it will leak faster. THROW IT at someone :-) ... not in the house though... bye. Enjoy the video and subscribe for more origami tutorials.

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