Inhedam e Jannat ul Baqi - Documentary - Urdu sub English

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It is a documentary about Destruction of Baqi, Aal e Saud and the West. It is in Urdu with English subtitles. This is an analysis of the political scenario of Hijaz. It discusses how the Aal e Saud captured the throne. The British sought help from two tribes one Saud from Najd, and the other, family of Sharif Husain of Macca. The well-known spy T.E.Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia was in charge of the Sharif Husain\'s family, and Captain William for Alsaud. Because they did not want to fight within Mecca and Medina with the muslims as this could ignite the flames of hatred in the Indian sub-continent and in all of the Muslim world. Al-saud belonged to Najd in Hijaz and were trying to capture the throne of Hijaz for the last 225 years. In 1790, they occupied Makkah Medina and Taif. In 1801, Abdul Aziz Alsaud attacked Karbala and Najaf in Iraq. 15000 were martyred in Karbala and 5000 to 15000 in Najaf by AlSaud. Besides they looted many valuables from both the cities. AlSaud also banned Haj for one year for the muslims from the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Mehmood-II sent an army under the command of Ibrahim Pasha in 1818 A.D who destroyed Darayya which was the capital of wahabi looters. The final shutdown of the Ottoman empire was in 1918 with the help of these two tribes. Sharif Hussain was exiled in Cyprus and his four sons were given the rulerships of Iraq, Syria and Jordan.

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