[31 May 13] Tehran hosts biggest Quranic event in Islamic World - English

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Tehran has hosted the 30th International Qur\\\'an Competitions in recitation and memorization categories. The event has brought together over 110 reciters and memorizers from 75 world countries. At the contest the competitors will demonstrate their talents in reciting and memorizing the Holy Book with great passion and dedication. Since its first inauguration in 1983 the competition gradually opened its place among Muslim scholars serving as a platform for introducing new faces to the Muslim world in the field of recitation and memorizing the holy Qur\\\'an. A number of Iranian and international reciters have been selected to serve at the jury panel of the 2013 Tehran International Qur\\\'an Competition. On the sidelines of the international contest a seminar on Qur\\\'anic research is also scheduled to be held. The 30th International Qur\\\'an Competitions will continue until June 7, 2013. At the 29th competitions last year Iran, Egypt and Bahrain were announced as the winners of the recitation category, while the prize for best memorizers of the holy Quran went to competitors from Iran, Bangladesh and Libya.

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