[Hajj 2011] Seminar on Islamic schools of thought held in Makkah - English

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Seminar held in the Office of the Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran in Makkah during Hajj 2011. The idea behind Islamic unity dates back to 1400 years ago. In fact, it's as old as Islam itself. It was stressed by the holy Quran as well as pointed out in the traditions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The Iranian Hajj Mission organized a seminar on 'Proximity among Islamic Schools of Thought' in the holy city of Mecca, in which scholars from several countries exchanged views and offered solutions to help reach unity. In a keynote speech at the conference, Leader's representative in Hajj Affairs Hujjat-al-Islam Seyed Ali Ghazi Askar stated that Muslims have no choice but to coalesce their positions on the issues facing them. Participants agreed that Muslims can identify themselves as Muslims while keeping their specific religious beliefs and national identities. Others stressed the importance of the teachings of the household of the Prophet as well as knowledge of Islamic preachers as key factors. According to the explicit wording of the holy Quran, Islamic unity is an obligation upon all Muslims. It's like Hajj and daily prayers. Let's hope that the realization of the fact that Islamic unity is an obligation help Muslims face the challenges ahead more effectively.

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