President Ahmadinejad Recieves Massive Welcome In Beirut - 13oct2010 - English

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Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has just arrived in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, for a two-day official visit. The Iranian chief executive, who is in Lebanon at an official invitation by his Lebanese counterpart Michel Sleiman, was warmly welcomed by a number of prominent Lebanese officials at Beirut International Airport on Wednesday morning. A large crowd of Lebanese people were cheering President Ahmadinejad and waving Iran's flags on his route to the Lebanese Presidential palace. He is scheduled to address international reporters in a press conference in the Lebanese capital. The Iranian chief executive will then meet with Iranian and Lebanese businessmen. Later the Iranian president will head to southern Beirut to visit the area where Israeli bombs destroyed the location during 2006 war against the state. Many analysts believe that President Ahmadinejad's trip to Lebanon is aimed at consolidating resistance's position against Israel. Earlier, President Sleiman had asked the Islamic Republic to equip the country's army and supply the state with defense industry. The Iranian president is so popular among the Lebanese nation and is seen as the sympbol of resistance against Israel as he has been outspoken, criticizing Israel's atrocities against Lebanese and Palestinians. Iran offered unconditional support to Lebanon after Israel's war on Lebanon in summer 2006, when Tel Aviv destroyed the country's main infrastructure, electricity and water systems. Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah hailed Iran's big role in rebuilding Lebanon following the Israeli war. Article Source:

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