Gaza-Israel Massacres More than 300 Palestinians-800 Wounded Part 2-English

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President: Gaza, Test Field for So-Called Human Rights Advocates TEHRAN (FNA)- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday night that Gaza is a test field for the so-called human rights advocates proving invalidity of their claims for supporting human rights. He made the remarks commenting on Saturday's savage attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza when Israeli F-16 bombers attacked the city and fired around 30 missiles into the densely populated areas of Gaza. The attacks killed 225 people and wounded 400 others. The horrific brutality of Israel against civilians have triggered international outrage and shocked world public opinion. "All theories of secularism, humanism and liberalism have proved to be inefficient in the test field of Palestine, Gaza Strip in particular," the president said according to the Islamic republic news agency. Addressing a local seminar, he added, "We have witnessed today in news reports that the innocent Gazans were surrendered by the most savage and indecent people of history." Condemning Israeli leaders for their crimes against humanity, President Ahmadinejad strongly criticized the indifference of the United Nations Security Council and those of the Western countries towards the Israeli war crimes in Gaza. "Those who issue a resolution when their pets are hit by a car, showed no reaction to the slaughter of the women and children who are deprived of the least living facilities," said the president. He added that the world should mourn the massacre of innocent people in Gaza. "The ideology of Zionism and its dominance have reached the end line. Zionists are at the end of the road both in theory and practice in all economic, political, military and cultural terms," President Ahmadinejad added. He noted that the Zionists were to take revenge of innocent people now that have realized their era have come to an end.

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