Who Will Return in the Raj'at? | Sister Spade | English

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One of the concepts in Islam that is rarely fully understood by many people, is the concept of Raj\'at. But that doesn\'t stop us from at the least, understanding the various superficialities of the concept of Raj\'at. So in this episode of Sister Spade, we embark upon a 4-episode short series on the concept of Raj\'at, based upon selections from the book, The Essence of Creation, 3rd edition. Yet, according to Imam Ja\'far al-Sadiq (A), what are said to be the \'Days of Allah\'? And does the Raj\'at include every single human being? What two groups of people will return in the Raj\'at? Will the true awaiters of the 12th Imam (A) be able to return in the Raj\'at? And will the hypocrites or atheists that will return in the Raj\'at, do so willingly or unwillingly? Finally, what is a Dua prescribed by Imam Ja\'far al-Sadiq (A) that can help us to return in the Raj\'at with the appearance of the 12th Imam (A)? To find out more, remember to not touch that dial, as Sister Spade answers for us, \"Who Will Return in the Raj\'at?\" #IslamicPulse #SisterSpade #Life #Questions #Islam #Allah #Quran #Ahlulbayt #Muslim #Shia #RealityCheck #Rajat

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