[07 April 2012] Assad supporters rally across Syrian cities - Presstv - English

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Large numbers of Ba’ath Party members and supporters rallied across several Syrian cities marking the 65th anniversary of the Party’s establishment. In the capital Damascus, supporters packed into Saba’ Bahrat square, showing their support for the Ba’ath Party and the president Bashar al-Assad. Syrians waved the Syrian flag and sang national anthem in a show of unity against what they described as a conspiracy targeting their country. Syrians reiterated their adherence to the Ba'ath Party principles, including supporting the Palestinian cause and resisting the Israeli occupation. The Ba’ath Party was the only ruling party in Syria for decades. Nevertheless, Syrians in a referendum in February voted for a new constitution which allowed a multiparty system in the country and political pluralism which gave all political parties the right to share power. Supporters have gathered to renew adherence to their party led by president Bashar al-Assad, expressing confidence in the party’s ability to build a new Syria stronger than before.

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