Imam Husayn Day (Houston, TX) - Dr. Laeeq Khan - 7 December 2013 - English

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Husayn Day: Beacon of Unity Press Release Husayn Day Exemplifies Muslim Unity in Houston: Houston, TX – Dec 07, 2013, Muslims from all factions of society came together to promote the cause of unity and brotherhood amongst the believers, by drawing lessons from the sacrifices of Imam Husayn (as); the grandson of the last Prophet, Mohammad (saw), a mercy upon the mankind. The annual Husayn day was organized and sponsored by Islamic Education Center (IEC) Houston and supported by prominent Muslim organizations of Houston including but not limited Makkah Masjid Dairy Ashford, Muslim Council of USA, Buzm-e-Mustafa, Minhaj-ul-Quran, Markazi Tanzeem-e-Imamia, Dar-e-Abbas, Ali School, Azadar-e-Husayn, Scouts of Islam, CAIR, ACT, et al. Each participating institution in itself plays a significant role in bridging social disparities and promoting unity, harmony, tolerance and justice amongst the community at large. The event packed with mesmerizing Qir’at, beautiful poetry, thought provoking lectures exemplified that Imam Husayn’s (as) sacrifice continues to be the spring source for unity and global reforms against oppression and injustice. Moulana Wahidi and Qari Hamdani mesmerized the gathering with awe-inspiring Qir’at. Speakers stresses that more opportunities like Husayn Day should be organized collaboratively to actuate awareness, harmony and cooperative environment in the community, and expel the views spread by Takfiri’s and other agencies of hatred and sectarianism. During the program Salat ul Asr with Jamat was performed, lead by Moulana Shabbiri and attended by all the Muslim participants. In the opening note, resident Aalim of IEC Moulana Shabbiri emphasized on the principles of Islam extensively shared by Muslims across the globe. Muslims must pay attention that we all believe in the Tawheed, Qur\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'an and Prophethood and should work together to serve Allah (swt) by emulating the footsteps of Prophet (saw), his infallible progeny and trusted companions. He further highlighted that the insignificant theological differences acts as exploitation tools in hands of dividing agencies. Muslims must avoid division and embrace brotherhood to defeat the common enemies of Islam. He said that Today\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Jihad is to establish unity with in Muslim Ummah because enemies of Islam all are gathered to create fitna of disunity. Also he said that Movement of Imam Husayn is one of the foundation for the unity, and today\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s program is not only a program but it’s a movement to establish unity within Muslim community in Houston specifically and Muslims in North America. Moulana Awaisi resident Aalim of Makkah Masjid stressed on Qur’anic teachings that regardless of theological orientations, all Muslims, Shia or Sunni, shall embrace brotherhood to fail divisive plots of external enemies. Br. Afeef khan, an eloquent intellectual, highlighted how ignorance and absence of public mindset is weakening Muslims and acting as an apparatus for exploitation by oppressive political powers. We must take lessons from Imam Husayn (as) on how to confront such oppressors and remain steadfast to sacrifice everything for truth and righteousness. Similarly, Dr. Butt, a prominent intellectual, shared his views that our common goal must be to help each other in attaining pleasure of Allah (swt) and this should be a sufficient call for Muslims to come together. Br. Mustapha Carol, Executive Director of CAIR, articulated that civil liberties and social justice would prevail, if Muslims stand fortified for the common causes and become active on socio-political fronts. Researcher and scholar Moulana Shamshad Haider elaborated that the Islamic principles are based on humanity so one should act as human in order to be a Muslim. Revered poets, Ayaz Mufti and Zafar Taqvi blessed the gathering with beautiful and thought provoking poetry. The program concluded with Salat-al-Jamat and a community dinner for all attendees. The organizers are grateful to the community of Greater Houston, Media Partners, and participating agencies who showed such interest and cooperation in making the program successful. This program was highly appreciated by the scholars and participants and they insisted to hold programs geared towards the unity of Muslims in the Houston.

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