10 people who don\'t have to fast | Fasting | Ahkam Notes EP3 (REVISED) | English

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*IMPORTANT* Unfortunately, there was a glitch in episode 3: We said that women in istihadha do not have to fast, but this was incorrect. Although every episode is reviewed by a senior student here at the Howza, this mistake slipped through. We pray that Allah forgives us for the human error. We apologise for this mistake and hope all our viewers receive this message! Here is the updated (correct) version of that video: 10 people who don\\\\\\\'t have to fast | Fasting | Ahkam Notes EP3 (revised) Lesson 3: -10 people upon whom fasting is not wajib (obligatory) -If by fasting, your treatment and betterment will be delayed, what is the ruling? -If you are ill and are certain that fasting is detrimental to your health, but you still fast -other questions regarding fasting during sickness

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