[30 Oct 2013] Iran, UNSC members plus Germany begin expert-level talks in Vienna - English

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Iran and the permanent members of the U-N Security Council plus Germany start a two-day expert-level meeting in Vienna. Tehran has sent experts from nuclear, oil, banking and other industrial sectors. Iran\'s Foreign Ministry\'s director for political affairs, Hamid Ba\'eedinejad, is leading the team. This, as an American delegation, including experts from the country\'s State and Treasury Departments, is also present. The last meeting of the two sides was held in Geneva on October 15 and 16. Following the talks described by both sides as constructive, Tehran and the six powers decided to send their experts to Vienna at the end of October to discuss details of Iran\'s new proposal to resolve outstanding issues over its nuclear energy program. The latest talks come as Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency wrapped up two days of negotiations on Tuesday, which were also described as very productive.

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