CIA: Biggest terrorist organization of the World - English

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A close look at the history of the CIA from its initial mission of intelligence gathering during World War II to covert subversive, counterrevolutionary, assassination operations around the world to CIA-led coups and regime changes from its backyard of Latin America to Africa, Europe, Middle East/Near East, Far East, Central Asia, ... to its present day War on Terror. Also a look at CIA-run torture chambers around the world including Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib and countless unknown brigs on the deck of US ships around the world. Operations such as operation Condor of 1975 when at least 60,000 revolutionaries were assassinated in Southern America and Operation Ajax, the 1953 coup against Iran\'s Musaddegh. A close look at CIA\'s role in creating and fostering terror and terrorists around the world from Latin American assassins to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

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