Dua Mashlool - Arabic with English translation (HD)

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It is also known as Dua al-Shab al-Ma’khuh bi Dhanbih and is cited in the Muhaj al-Dawat as well as in Kaf’ami’s works. This supplication was taught by the commander of the faithful, Ali ibn Abu Talib (as), to a youth who suffered from paralysis as a consequence of sinful conduct towards his father. On reciting this supplication, he saw in a dream the Holy Prophet (saawa) who stroked his body with his hand and said to him, Keep chanting God’s greatest Name, and you will fare well. On waking up, he found himself healed. In the report cited in Muhaj al-Da’awat it is stated that one should not recite this prayer without being in the state of wudhu (ritual purity).

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