The Howza Must Think Ahead | The Leader of Islamic Revolution | Farsi Sub English

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What happens when when an educational institution doesn\'t bother to think about and plan for the future? What will happen to the Howza, the Islamic Seminary, if it fails to think about and plan for the next 20/30 years? If the Islamic Seminary had bothered to think about and plan about the future, 20/30 years ago, what would the present be like? What are some examples of present-day modern things that have changed the world and could have been managed more appropriately? The Leader of the Islamic Ummah, Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei, gave us the answers almost 10 years ago; so speed up because we\'re already being left behind. And does the Howza really want to be left behind as the caravan of time and change keeps on moving forward? It\'s time for the Howza to start thinking ahead.

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