Children of Palestine- Message from Haytham - Arabic sub Eng

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Edited from RCP (Press TV, 09/08/2009). Haytham Kheir Khodor's message to his late cousin, Mohammed Bashir Khodor, who was killed during Gaza Massacre: "I would like others to learn from him and follow him to the heavens above. And I want him to be proud of us and be happy." His wish for Gaza: "...I would bring the forests back. And make it beautiful like it once was. I would be happy to see this and celebrate with my cousins... " His message to the world:"... We do not want anything. We are willing to live on bread and salt but to return to our house... But no matter what, we will never give up our country. We will never sell our nation with money... And we are resisting, in spite of the difficulties we will never surrender, eventually we will be victorious."

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