Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Speech - January 3 2021 - First Anniversary of Hajj Qassem and Hajj Abu Mahdi Martrydom - Englis

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Important points from Speech of Syed Hassan Nasrallah 03-01-2021 Syed Hassan Nasrallah pays condolences to Imam Mahdi (ajtf) and the Muslims of the world on the occasion of the martyrdom of Sayyeda Fatima Zahra (as) Pays condolences to Imam Khamenei, Muslims, the scholars, students, and family of Sheikh Misbah Yazdi who passed away in the past couple of days Pays condolences to the family and friends of Hezbollah\'s Mohammad Abbas al-Mousawi (Abu Ayman) who passed away affected by the corona virus It has been a year since the martyrdom of Haj Qassem Soleimani and Haj Jamal Jaafar (Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes). We renew our congratulations on this honor and condolences on this loss to the Iranian and Iraqi people and the families of the martyrs. One of the means of showing loyalty to the martyrs is by teaching people about them. We owe it to them. We also owe them our gratitude; to say, \"Thank you Haj Qassem. Thank you Haj Abu Mahdi.\" Another way those martyrs were honored was through the huge crowds that took to the streets during their funeral procession. Millions mourned those martyrs in the streets of Iran and Iraq. Iran and Syria have been the biggest supporters of the Resistance since 1982. The other Arab regimes who publicly gave aid to Lebanon were plotting against the Resistance in reality. General Hajizadeh recently announced a statement explaining that Iran\'s support is unconditional for Lebanon and anyone fighting against the Zionist regime. Iran\'s interest is the wellbeing of those nations, not its own benefit as those are the orders of the leader. Is there any problem with what he said? There are some buffoons who do not bother to check first, and are quick to distort people\'s words to create media battles. Those people have made it their job to distort the truth. The Resistance has been defending Lebanon since 2000. If you see Lebanon on the map today, it is thanks to the Resistance. We cannot equate those who rejoiced our victory in 2006 to those who were devastated for it. We cannot equate those who plotted against us and armed terrorists to those who spent their youth on the battlefields defending us. We must differentiate friend from foe. The Resistance in Lebanon is one of the most independent Resistance groups in history. Enemies and friends must know this well: Iran is powerful. Iran is powerful to the extent that it would not even need its friends and allies. We admit that our loss was big. The enemy thought that Iraq would collapse by murdering Haj Qassem and Haj Abu Mahdi. The reality was the opposite. We in the Resistance know very well how to turn threats into opportunities and victories. Imam Khomeini (r) said, \"Kill us, for our people will only grow more aware.\" Sayyed Abbas Mousawi always repeated this phrase. Look at the condition of Hezbollah before and after the martyrdom of S Abbas. Look at what his blood did to the spirits of the people. The enemy must know that we only grow more firm and persistent when they kill our leaders. If Iran labeled Haj Qassem as a national icon, then we in Lebanon label him as an international icon. We declare Martry Qassëm an international hero, an international idol, an international symbol, a defender of righteousness and the oppressed with no discrimination, not religious nor ethnic nor geographic” The Americans admitted that they were the ones who created ISIS in order to defeat Hezbollah & return American troops to Iraq. Despite that, some channels claimed that Haj Qassem, Usama bin Laden, & I were the ones who created ISIS. Look at the level of stupidity. Were it not for the blood of Haj Qassem Soleimani, the slogan of kicking America out of our region would not have been raised. And we are not a people of empty words. Those who are betting on sanctions and besiegement to weaken our spirits need to know that we have the land, mountains, valleys, wind, clouds, 7 Heavens...all with us. Our enemies are the ones who are trapped and surrounded. We have Allah with us. End

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