[Al-Quds 2015] International Al-Quds Day Rally Toronto 2015 - English & all Languages

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July 11, 2015: Thousands of Torontonians joined millions of people in 800 cities across 85 countries to denounce the barbaric occupation of indigenous Palestinians by the Zionists. The streets in Toronto and around the world were abuzz with the slogans of “Shame Shame USA”, “Shame Shame israel” and “From the river to the sear, Palestine will be free”. The Al-Quds rally in Toronto was attended by Jews, Christians, Muslims and supporters of peace and justice from all walks of life. Addressing the rally, the Jewish speakers pointed out that a large number of Jews oppose Zionism and the war crimes committed by the state of israel in the name of Judaism. The Jewish law does not allow for illegal occupation of land, mass incarceration of men, women and children and forced expulsion of the indigenous Christian and Muslim Palestinians from their homes. Other speakers vowed to defeat efforts by the state of israel to silence the condemnation of its crimes against humanity by accusing the protestors of anti-Semitism. They pledged to work together with the Jews, who oppose the racist and inhumane policies of israel , to give a voice to the voiceless Palestinians. Many of the attendees pointed out that Canadians, Americans, French or citizens of any other country will never accept if the Zionist came to their land and tried to expel them forcibly from their homes by claiming that they are the chosen people and their god has gifted the land to them. There was a small group of counter protestors representing the illegal settlers and the state of israel. They primarily consisted of members of B’nai Brith and the Jewsih Defence League. The former has been credited with the creation of the terrorist state of israel and its continued illegal occupation and the later has been declared as a terrorist organization due to its violent activities against innocent civilians. Despite the best efforts by the representatives of israel in various countries to silence the protest against the apartheid state, the number of cities participating in the Al-Quds rallies and the number of organizations signing up for the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement continues to grow. The day is not far, when Palestine will be free and the war criminals in israel will be prosecuted for their crimes against humanity.

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