Muslims mourn Shia Imams death in Belgium mosque arson - 15Mar2012 - English

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Muslims in Brussels are still mourning the death of an imam who died of suffocation a couple of days ago. The 46-year-old imam, Abdallah Dadou, was in this Shia mosque to lead an evening prayer when a man came in and set the place on fire after spreading flammable liquid. Apart from being sad, Muslims here are also shocked by the attack. According to the police, the suspect, now in custody, identified himself a Salafi. Salafi extremists have always tried to put a rift between Sunnis and Shias but worshippers here say Sunnis and Shias have never had any problems living together in this country. Experts agree that this attack does not represent reality. Semsettin Ugurlu is the president of the Muslim Executive of Belgium [shot of him]. He says he has never seen anything but good relationships between the two religious groups. The official motivations for the attack are still under investigation. But Ugurlu says there is a lesson to be learned and a question to be answered: what led the attacker to do this? Was he influenced by certain books or by things he read on the Internet? There are still no answers. The only reality for now is the shock and sorrow of Muslims - here in Brussels and in the rest of the country. As the worshippers behind me mourn the death of the imam, they emphasize that Shiite and Sunni Muslims have always lived in peace together here in Belgium. They also say Europe needs to make sure that such a crime will not happen again.

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