Yazid | Early Life and Caliphate | Seminary Report | English

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Historical breakdown of the early life of Yazid, the tyrant who massacred the family of the Holy Prophet (S) and seized control of the Muslim Ummah through the breaking of pacts, bribery, intimidation and murder. This video will present historical facts accompanied with sources for the viewers to research further if they so wish. In order to understand the state of the Muslim world today, we must search yesterday and understand the roots of the political issues we are faced with. This video will explore the lineage of Yazid, his father Muawiyyah and his grandfather Abu Sufyan. Who was the woman that chewed the liver of the Holy Prophet’s blessed uncle, Hamza? What was the character of Yazid like during youth and when he took control of the Ummah? How was he nominated as Caliph? What were Yazid’s motivations in the tragic Battle of Karbala, which is commemorated globally up until today? #Husayn #Yazid #IslamicHistory #History #GoodVsEvil #Massacre #Karbala #Ashura #Arbaeen #40Days #IslamicRevolution #Revolution #Shia #ShiaIslam #Sunni #SunniIslam #TakfiriWahhabi

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